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Actively involved in the legal community
An award-winning law firm, we are always striving to improve.

We’ve served on the boards of two of the more active specialty-specific legal profession organizations in the Los Angeles area going on our second decade.

A law firm you can trust.
We’re a Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm serving Orange County, Ventura County, the San Fernando Valley, and all of Los Angeles County.

We’ve been has been helping people in federal and state court for two decades. You can always count on an honest answer so you can make decisions about how best to move forward.


Experienced, proven, successful.

We’ve successfully assisted 2,500 clients, each case and client getting the specific attention it deserves. Our success rate is well over 90%.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For those times when you can barely make ends meet and have no ability to pay your debts.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

It’s a federal debt consolidation that stops lawsuits, stops interest charges, and stops you from paying it back forever.

Debt Settlement

Negotiate your debts, and settle debts cheaper than what you owe.

Financial Planning and Advice

Financial advice and planning for your future, saving for your family and retirement.

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Los Angeles

What makes me qualified?

I’m an award-winning bankruptcy attorney in Los Angeles who for almost two decades has been helping thousands of families with their legal issues, and helping them get a brighter financial future.


  • What makes Family Legal Services different?

    Family Legal Services is law firm that puts customer satisfaction above profits, and values helping people and knowing we succeeded in our goal of making better lives for our clients.

  • What’s your success rate?

    We have a 99% success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and a 70% success rate in the much harder Chapter 13 bankruptcy, 20 times the local average.

  • What is the process to start?

    Contact us with a click or a call. We’ll arrange a no-pressure time to sit down together, talk, and go over your options. It won’t be a sales meeting, but an information one. After that, you return home to think about things, and when you’re ready to move forward, you return the contract signed and off we go.

– 2003, Grand Opening

From our humble beginnings, we saw people all over Los Angeles and Orange County with their legal issues, providing solutions.

– 2006, Opened our Second Office

As word got out, we became busier and opened our second office.

This allowed us to help even more people and stretch to the north Los Angeles County.

2005-2017, Best Attorney Awards!

Over the next decade, we were voted best attorney in Santa Clarita for bankruptcy law. This includes the readers of the SCV Signal newspaper voting us “best Santa Clarita attorney” that specializes in consumer debt litigation.

– 2016, Fought, and then Settled Massive Media Litigation

We litigated a media fight between two newspapers. The SCV Signal and Santa Clarita Gazette had been battling in state court for years. Once our firm joined the case, we were able to bring the two sides together and arrange an amicable settlement.

The joint venture is doing well today, and both parties are happy with the result.

– 2019, Won Sanctions Award Against Major Credit Card

In 2019, after federal litigation that took almost a year, we prevailed in federal court and obtained a big sanctions award against a credit card company that trampled on our client’s rights.

– 2020-2021, Named President of Lawyers’ Association

Some of the best Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers named us as President for two terms of the biggest Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys association

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