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Who can help me file BK?

The way we see it, you can go about this in three ways:

1. Pro per (do-it-yourself): Doing it yourself is a confusing maze of forms and decisions. For something as major as a once-in-a-lifetime decision such as a bankruptcy or selling your house or doing surgery, most people don't want to become a do-it-yourselfer. You rely on a professional.

2. Paralegal: Sure, but you can save money and hire a paralegal service (or legal document assistant) to help you complete the documents. Think about this carefully. A paralegal cannot give you legal advice (though some may cross this ethical line). For a few hundred bucks, they will only help complete forms. They cannot represent you in bankrutpcy court. You will be all alone. Hiring an attorney at that point could be more expensive than had you hired one from the beginning.

When you need surgery, would you shop for the cheapest cut-rate doctor? Or even worse: give the job to someone who hasn't gone to medical school nor passed medical boards? Of course not. For a major legal process, why cut corners? Our lawyers offer flexible payments plans.

3. Bankruptcy Lawyer: Your third option is hiring an attorney to give you legal advice, fill out the forms, represent you in court, give you emotional support, and make this major ordeal as painless and simple as possible. Not just any attorney, but a bankruptcy attorney who focuses in BKs.



















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