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Santa Clarita Bankruptcy Attorney


If you live in Santa Clarita, you're going to want an
attorney who is local to you to handle your case.
Bankruptcy is the main emphasis of our practice, but we
work closely with attorneys who offer other legal specialties.

If it's Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, we know how to craft a solution to give you the financial help you need right now.

And then there are those who will try debt consolidation or credit counseling, only to spend a year and give thousands of dollars away, only to see their balances aren't changing much.

There are paralegal companies (now called fancy terms like "document preparation services") that will offer you cut-rate prices. These are not lawyers, did not go through law school, pass the Bar exam. They cannot practice law nor give legal advice. You are on your own if you go with them, and if they do "slip" and give you questionable legal info, it's you who would lose, not them. (a BK miscue could lose your car or other property). You won't be able to sue for malpractice, or even complain to the State Bar. A short-sighted decision to avoid using a lawyer for a complicated legal process could cost you much more in the long run. We work out flexible payment plans where you are in control.

Fill out this form and we'll set up a time to meet. A Santa Clarita attorney who specializes in bankruptcy (and has lived out here since 1975) will get in touch with you very shortly.




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