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Wage Garnishment


If some creditor is having your wages garnished, your
paycheck will go down and that is money you will miss. To many, the impact of a wage garnishment is dramatic. You're just getting by, and suddenly, you have 25% less income (50% less in support cases).

How can they garnish your salary? And how can you stop it? In California, if your salary is being garnished by something officially called a "Earnings Withholding Order" (EWO), you do have options. You can maybe lower the garnishment amount by filing a form called a Claim of Exemption. However, you're going to have to show a big change in your financial picture since the time they evaluated how much they can take. This is not an easy standard or hurdle to overcome, since you probably didn't have tons of money when they got permission to garnish you.

Or you can contact a bankruptcy lawyer. The moment your bankruptcy petition is filed, all attempts to collect on debts must stop right now. There are many factors to consider when filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, so you'll need a trained attorney to evaluate your situation. But you must do something to get them to stop garnishing your salary.

To find out your options, contact a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney right now!




















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