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Diabetes "Cure" worse than the disease?

Rezulin (also known as Resulin) is a dangerous drug that was introduced by Warner-Lambert and approved by the FDA back in 1997 to treat diabetes and diabetic patients. It was initially thought to be a wonder drug. However, those hopes were misfounded.

It turns out that Rezulin (troglitazone) was a cause of liver failure. This renal failure information was held back by Warner-Lambert, as the FDA rushed to make this one of the quickest drugs to ever win approval.

There are many people who received a prescription for Resulin but were never told about the risks towards damage to the liver, or even the kidney or heart attack, and stroke. Prescriptions for the drug were 488,000 in January 1999 alone, but it's not clear how many diabetics have been killed or injured.

To battle the company that made this dangerous drug, you need a drug recall lawyer who knows this very specific area of law.

If you or someone you love may have taken Rezulin, please have them contact a Rezulin attorney right away. They may be entitled to a Rezulin settlement, but they must have a Rezulin lawyer who specializes in Rezulin litigation. *

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