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Vioxx side effects

Not as safe as advertised

Vioxx danger?

Vioxx and Celebrex have been heavily marketed for years now. One thing left out of the clever and heart-warming commercials is how these drugs may have danger to some people taking them.

Vioxx Side Effects: Strokes and Heart attacks

It has been known for a while now that Vioxx has side affects. These include, most significantly, stroke, heart attack and blood clotting. What is not as widely known is another side affect: kidney failure.

Vioxx and Kidney Problems

Vioxx has been shown to cause a problem with kidneys (and also liver). This renal failure can be serious. If you've suffered from this, it could result in rights for a kidney Vioxx lawsuit. Why? Because the warning label on Rofecoxib (Viox) did not adequately warn of these dangers.

You need a Vioxx lawyer

To battle the company that made this dangerous drug, you need a drug recall lawyer who knows this very specific area of law.

If you or someone you love may have taken Vioxx, please have them contact a Vioxx attorney right away. You may be entitled to a Vioxx settlement, but you must have a Vioxx lawyer who specializes in Vioxx litigation. *




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