Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me … well, you

You wonder, is there bankruptcy attorney near me … and for good reason. You don’t want a bankruptcy lawyer who is hours away to be handling something so personal. When you have a question or need to drop off documents, you want a local bankruptcy lawyer. Someone you can drop in and visit. Look in the eye. Get comforted and reassurance from.

Bankruptcy is a gut-wrenching decision. You’re feeling like a failure, as if you did something wrong. Emotions run high. You start questioning yourself. Could I have avoided this? Did I make a wrong decision somewhere? Will I ever get out of this? Is there any hope?

Which is why you want a local bankruptcy lawyer. Someone who is caring and compassionate. A bankruptcy lawyer who can tell you not just the best way to avoid a motion for relief of stay, but also one that can comfort you with a smile, and “it’s not your fault, sometimes life happens.”

Local Bankruptcy Attorney

Finding a local bankruptcy lawyer

So what’s the best way to find bankruptcy attorneys near me? Well, one way is to go to ask your tax professional. It may not be obvious, but tax preparers and local CPAs usually know at least one or two local bankruptcy lawyers.

This is because the local tax guy may have clients who have a lot of tax debt. Now, usually, tax debt doesn’t get discharged in a bankruptcy, but sometimes it can be. So if you were to ask your tax preparer, “who’s a good bankruptcy attorney near me,” they’d probably have someone to send you to.

Another way to to go to a national organization like NACBA and do a search for a local bankruptcy lawyer.  Or find reviews there are generally reliable, and that’s a good way to get a local bankruptcy attorney that people like.

Personal referrals are the best, though. We don’t always talk to our friends about our finances. It’s personal. But if you ask a close family member or trusted friend, you’ll be surprised that they’ve filed bankruptcy. And if they had a good experience, they’re usually more than happy to share the name of who they used.  It’s how most of our clients find us: former clients who were satisfied with the service.

A Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me Isn’t Always the Best One

Things to Look For

Generally, you want a local bankruptcy attorney. There are a lot of factors that go into finding the best bankruptcy lawyer. Of course, a big one is cost.

How to Choose the “Best Bankruptcy Lawyer”

The good part of filing bankruptcy is that it wipes the slate clean, providing a fresh start. The bad part is that it’s reported negatively on your credit report, which you can rebuild. Whether the good outweighs the bad depends on the circumstances. That’s why it makes sense to speak with a qualified experienced attorney.

But what about all those discount bargains I see on the internet?  cheap bankruptcy lawyers … Low income bankruptcy attorneys … Affordable bankruptcy lawyers .. Are they qualified, and can they be a good bargain?

Cheap Bankruptcy

Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyers ?

You may think you want “the cheapest bankruptcy attorney,” but that’s not always the best option.  Yes, price matters, I mean let’s face it, you ‘re facing bankruptcy. But there’s always someone cheaper, and you don’t pick the cheapest doctor when you need surgery. A good idea is to meet with 3-5 local bankruptcy lawyers. Yes, get their prices to find out what “cheap bankruptcy lawyers” looks like

Most bankruptcy attorneys will have a payment plan. That is, they will let you pay for their services, and earn the money as you pay. You pay what you can, when you can. This can make an affordable bankruptcy lawyer, even if it’s not the cheapest bankruptcy.

But it’s more than just the cheapest bankruptcy attorney.  You want the “best bankruptcy lawyer for the price” but how do you know who is the best attorney?

Personal Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy: The Big Firm Trap

Do you want personal bankruptcy service, or to feel part of a large lawyer machine? You want a cheap bankruptcy, but also the best bankruptcy result. The cheap bankruptcy lawyers all work off volume. It’s a numbers game, and you’re the number. The cheaper the bankruptcy, the worse the service. Some law firms have learned that to make this economical. For them.

Big firms create a system where you’re a file number. When you call, you get a different person each time. The person you met at the free consultation is different from who does your paperwork, who is different from the person who shows up at your court hearing. There’s no relationship. It’s always about moving you to the next stage and getting on to the next client.

But this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And you’re probably not feeling good about yourself. You want a relationship. A connection with one person who knows you, understands what you’re going through. And with whom you’re comfortable. Maybe even someone who even goes to your hearing when the others won’t. This isn’t a fast oil change: get in, get out.

This is something that can be a bleak experience where you feel like you have a UPC symbol on your forehead, or where you feel like you have a caring professional who understands you, empathizes with you, and is compassionate. The same person you meet at the consultation is the same one who does your data entry, and the same one who attends your hearing. The best bankruptcy lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive.

It can be an affordable bankruptcy lawyer. Be careful of the cheapest bankruptcy lawyers, you’ll be missing out on quality service for a few bucks more. An affordable bankruptcy lawyer can be a personal bankruptcy.

Low Income Bankruptcies Lawyers

Low Income Bankruptcies Lawyers

How to find a local bankruptcy attorney that also qualifies as low income bankruptcies lawyers? Well, it depends on what you mean by that. Generally speaking, most bankruptcy attorneys are small business owners who are just trying to help out their neighbors. Most of the time, these lawyers have the challenges of paying bills that you do, trying to help people who don’t have a lot of money. Of all the attorneys in the world, bankruptcy attorneys are considered low income bankruptcies lawyers. They’re not getting rich helping needy neighbors.

On the other hand, you may be asking if there are local bankruptcy attorneys who do only low income bankruptcies. Let’s face it, most people who file bankruptcy aren’t earning high paychecks and are low income. In fact, to qualify for the most common of the types of bankruptcies, Chapter 7, you have to show your income is lower than the local median income (and if it’s higher, why you still can’t afford your debts).

So by definition, most types of bankruptcies are low income bankruptcy cases. Which means that most bankruptcy attorneys are indeed low income bankruptcies lawyers and can help you. And we have a flexible affordable payment plan.

Chapter 7

7 Chapter 7 involves no debt repayment, but people can lose some of their things. It’s intended for the debtor whose budget has no money left after household expenses.


Chapter 13

13 Chapter 13 is when you keep all your assets, but make a debt consolidation payment to the government. It’s mostly intended for people who have some money left after all the household bills are paid.


Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me

Yes, Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me

Therefore, your best bet for help during this challenging time is indeed to ask are there bankruptcy attorneys near me. And the answer is probably, and it does make sense to go with a local bankruptcy lawyer

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