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Legal Video Conferencing Available

Legal video conferencing is now available with our law office to provide safety and social distancing. This is necessary because of the order from local and state government officials. The coronavirus COVID-19 is a health threat that requires people stay at least six feet apart. Further, there are orders to not be in groups of 10 or more people. Most law firms don’t offer a way to meet them.

Life goes on. There are financial burdens or legal challenges that cannot wait. You need answer and options now.  Lawsuits come at you. Your family, your home, your paycheck are at risk. You don’t have time to wait until the current coronavirus flu epidemic goes away.

For this reason, we now offer legal video conferencing. Meetings can be arranged where we meet remotely in the comfort of your own home, but you can still get answers and help you need.

To arrange for videoconferencing with an attorney that specializes in civil litigation or a bankruptcy lawyer, just complete the quick and easy contact form available at the top of any page.

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